Financing Information

The path to making your dream a reality.

For the more aggressive real estate investor, or simply for those investors just starting out with limited funds, getting financing on foreclosure properties can be a great way to maximize your internal rate of return. With our ‘in-house lending’* you are able to do just that.

Leverage Your Money & Maximize Your Cash-On-Cash Returns

• Asset Based Lending
• No Qualification Necessary
• Money Available for Next Day Purchases
• 18% Annually
• Between $750 and $2000 Fee Depending on the Lender
• Interest Only
• 6 Month — 12 Month Terms
• Typically 20% – 30% Down Payment Required

When purchasing a foreclosure property at trustee sales in Arizona, you have until 5pm next business day to pay for your property in full. If you require financing it is imperative that you let us know immediately in order to give the hard money lender plenty of time to do their due diligence and get into a situation where they are ready to lend on the foreclosure property.

*The term in house lending refers to certain deals and arrangements our company has with private moneylenders; Its Flipping Simple LLC does not lend money, originate mortgages, nor get any financial incentive or reward for our client’s participation with said lenders. Moreover, Its Flipping Simple LLC is not licensed in any form of money lending practices and recommends that you seek advice from licensed financial advisors who can explain all of the risks when borrowing money at high interest rates before proceeding with any loans.

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