apr 04

Flipping Houses: What You Need To Know.

This is the time of year when if you are a homeowner and you get your tax return, it would be a great time to consider re-investing the cash back into your property. I’ve included the improvements that bring the highest return on your investment for your home.

If you don’t currently own, prices are on the rise and so are interest rates….if you aren’t feeling that the market is improving or on the mend, then that is exactly why buying right now is a good idea. We pound the pavement every day and have a great feeling of the heath and well being of the San Diego market. It’s the exact thinking that got people to buy into the peak: herd mentality.

If you own, pay down your mortgage aggressively while improving your home and investment, and if you rent right now, the window of opportunity for this generation is wide open and ready to be capitalized upon….let us know if we can help