oct 17

Some of the Dangers of Foreclosure Properties

Foreclosures are a great way to get cheap property for a house flip, but there are a lot of present dangers in buying homes that have been foreclosed on. These problems can make flipping a house a money sink instead of a money earner. Exercising caution is paramount when purchasing a foreclosure property. Examine the interior and exterior of the house if possible, and make sure that there is no extensive structural damage that will end up costing a fortune to fix. The more knowledge the better when it comes to getting the highest ROI.

Sometimes it’s impossible to take a look inside a property before buying it at auction or through other means. Purchasing a home within this condition requires a detailed assessment of factors that you do have knowledge of. Exteriors can say a lot about a property. Homes with over grown lawns or unkempt landscaping can be a sign of a home in disrepair. The surrounding neighborhood can also provide valuable clues as whether or not the house will be able to sell at a profit.

Ultimately there is no perfect way to find out the condition of the interior without going inside. That is why, if you are going to purchase a home without looking through the interior, you need to have reasonable expectations of risk. How much will repairs cost in a worst case scenario? Will the house be able to sell at a price to make a profit even with major repairs needed? Is the surrounding neighborhood desirable enough for certain home defects to be overlooked? These are all important considerations when deciding whether or not to go through with a foreclosure purchase.


oct 04

Bidding Tips for Real Estate Auctions

If you are looking on the Arizona housing market for some really good deals it’s in your best interests to check out real estate auction!  Homes are typically put on auction when the previous homeowner was unable to sell it and the lender has taken the property back as a foreclosure!  The lender then chooses to sell the real estate through a broker or through an auction.  If you want to get in on the action of real estate auctions here are a few tips to get started!

The first step is to research the property in detail; get the specifics, such as its size, amenities, how much is owed against it, and what the opening bid is. To find out whether the house is priced right, compare the sales price of similar properties in the area to get an idea of the property’s worth. Comparing prices of homes within three miles of the property will give you the most accurate comparisons.

Once you know the property’s approximate value, it’s necessary for you to set your price limit. In excited situations such as an auction, it’s easy to get carried away and bid beyond a price that’s comfortable for you. Another important part of setting a price limit is preparing yourself to be willing to walk away from the sale. Even if the property is exactly what you want, it’s not a deal for you if it’s out of your price range. Although it may be disappointing to lose the property, keep searching for others and soon you’ll find the perfect deal for you.

sep 04

Taking Advantage of Real Estate Madness

Crashing housing prices are almost never a good thing. The implications for families who own homes are enormous. They can end up underwater on the home loan, which means that they will owe more against the house than it is actually worth. A crashing market also makes it very difficult to sell as investment incentives to purchase homes virtually disappear. Families may find themselves in a lot of trouble if someone loses a job and they are unable to sell their house to maintain cash liquidity.

One of the positive aspects of the housing crash is that people who would not normally be able to afford a home on inflated prices can enter the market. A lot of real estate experts claim that the falling housing prices can help create an equilibrium between local wages and the cost of housing. So while this may not be a great thing for existing homeowners, it can help create opportunities for ownership amongst those that are used to renting.

These conditions also create opportunities for house flipping. With many foreclosed and dilapidated property on the market, house flippers can come in, make some repairs, and turn a nice profit on a still very affordable home. Flippers can still make a profit because many foreclosed homes are still far below market prices for the area. There does not need to be general upward trend in prices as long as property is available that has increased price potential.

aug 17

Arizona Foreclosure News

Home foreclosures during the last three years have been abnormally high throughout the country. The west coast, particularly states like California, Nevada and Arizona have been hit particularly hard by the crisis. While the rate of foreclosures have fallen in the last couple of years, they still remain high. Arizona foreclosures remain quite high and account for a large percentage of foreclosures nation wide. This means that there are many very inexpensive houses on the market. House flippers in cities like Phoenix and Tuscon will find lots of different inexpensive properties that offer a great opportunity for investment.

Inflated foreclosure rates will most likely not last forever. Foreclosure filings have steadily fallen throughout 2011 as the housing market recovers and people begin to regain financial stability. Some experts, however, believe the dropping foreclosure rate could be misleading, blaming processing delays and national and state-level efforts to prevent foreclosures which have caused a bottleneck effect. Many believe that high foreclosure rates will continue until these government measures are lifted.

While rates of foreclosures may be falling, now is still a good time to get into the house flipping business with so many cheap properties still on the market. The communities of Arizona remain an attractive option for residency and there are still many people looking to move to the desert from snow belt cities like Detroit and Buffalo and even from Canada. House flipping resources can still provide solid advice and suggestions for getting a lucrative ROI on real estate.

jun 10

Investing in Foreclosures

If you are searching for a great way to invest in real estate in Arizona, foreclosures may be the solution you are looking for!  The decline in the price of foreclosed homes has made the real estate market in Arizona even more attractive!  It is this reason that investors are competing for the best priced foreclosures on the market!

The essence of investing in foreclosures for sale

The acquisition of foreclosed properties at prices below market values could easily translate to great investment value. You can profit instantly by buying a foreclosed home at half its market value, turn it around and resell it for its current value on the market. Whether you are a homebuyer looking for affordable homes, or an experienced real estate investor, foreclosures can provide you with the opportunity to save money and to maximize your profit potential.

To make smart investments in foreclosures, you need to consider other factors as well. Besides the price, you also need to look at the condition of the foreclosed property. You may acquire the property at a very good discount, but would require more work and repairs before you could live in it or resell it on the open market. Also, check the title. Make sure it is clean. Avoid complications that could prevent you from reselling the property.

Remember, the best foreclosure deal is about finding discounted foreclosed properties that have the potential for growth in value. After you have examined the property, you should also look at the future prospects of the neighborhood. Acquire foreclosed properties that have the potential to attract future buyers. Take note of other factors such as employment rates, school system, and security.