Placing A Bid

Bids are placed by phone text or email no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the real estate sale. For example if the property is scheduled for 12:30pm then bids can be placed up to 12:15pm but no later than 12:15pm. Simple.  Platinum members, you  get to be on the phone LIVE during the bidding!  We will attempt to call you when the bidding on your property is about to start and stay with you on the phone whilst the bidding takes place.

The bid must include the property address, the highest number you are willing to go to, whether you will be requiring financing from us, your phone number and vesting information for the property should you win.

Be aware that the number/amount that you give us to bid on property at auction DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR BIDDING FEE.

Once your bid has been sent, you are authorizing us to bid for you and to use your $10,000 bid deposit to make the down payment required if the bid is successful. All bids are final and non retractable.

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