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Upgrade To Daily Reports

$575.00 Bid Fee


Drive Specific Properties

$995.00 Bid Fee
  • - Daily List
  • - Vesting Straight to Your Company
  • - Help with Hard Money Financing (if needed)

How It Works

Your thrilling auction ride begins with you leaving us a bid deposit of $10,000 and us sending you our meticulous list of “Daily Top Picks.”  Your deposit will be placed in a holding account until you authorize us to release the … read more.
Bids are placed by phone text or email no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the real estate sale. For example if the property is scheduled for 12:30pm then bids can be placed up to 12:15pm but no later than 12:15pm. Simple. Platinum members get… read more.
Where multiple clients are placing bids within our company for the same property we will only accept the highest bid. As we cannot represent more than one person per property and as the person with the highest bid would outbid all others … read more.
Where you are the winning bidder we will vest the property directly into your name or your company name as long as you have provided vesting information to  …read more.
You will be informed shortly after the sale how to pay for the property. Payment must be made in full including the bid fee by 2pm the next business day.
This is not something we recommend. If you fail to pay for the property the following day then you will loose your bid deposit and you will still owe us the bid fee as well as any damages or losses that we may incur as a result of your failure to pay.

More You Need To Know

Receive the most current up to date list of all houses scheduled for foreclosure the next day in Maricopa County, their opening bids and information on the property such as zip code, subdivision and square footage.
Our platinum investors receive the daily list + the daily top picks, our own top investment real estate property picks of the day. This list of trustee sale real estate properties will be sent via email daily to be used as a guide to help you narrow down your search. See an example of our daily top picks list. …read more.
Platinum investors receive our customized drive reports emailed to you with a written report, estimated fix up costs and pictures. Our drivers are all active experienced real estate investors trained by IFS to estimate repairs and fix up costs. We will… read more.
Not sure if the property you want to bid on is a first lien, or if their are any other liens against it? Ask us. We can check title and make sure you know exactly what you are bidding on.
Want a competitive edge against the competition? When Trustees drop the opening bid at the last minute we will tell you. You may only have minutes to act, but if you are organized enough you could get yourself a very good deal.
Once you have identified some potential investment properties you need to do your own due diligence so you are absolutely sure of what you are bidding on. This would include things such as driving the property to inspect the condition or looking closely at… read more.
Its Flipping Simple, LLC makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the condition of any property or title. Its Flipping Simple, LLC strongly encourages you to seek professional assistance when investing in any type of real estate. Whilst we hope that all our information is accurate, in no way do we guarantee its accuracy.
All information provided by Its Flipping Simple, LLC, is confidential. This information is not to be shared, copied, or distributed to a third party without prior written approval from Its Flipping Simple, LLC. By entering into this agreement, the Investor agrees that Its Flipping Simple, LLC is due its service fee in the event the… read more.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns anytime.