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What We Do For You.

We are one of Arizona’s largest real estate property wholesalers and it’s our passion and trade secrets that make us unique.  Our team of over 20 strong work tirelessly from bidding, to driving foreclosure properties, to checking title, to preparing daily foreclosure property lists.  Our team is your team and our daily searches for the best deals for real estate investors pay off significantly.  Yes, YOU REAP THE REWARD. While our main focus is in Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County), we are also one of the only companies that buy properties in all counties across AZ. With years of experience in all market conditions we are proud to say that we consistently buy the best investment real estate deals for our clients.

What others say about Its Flipping Simple

“In February I was fresh into the flipping game. I had plenty of capital but lacked the expertise and time in order to acquire property that would have large returns on investment. Its Flipping Simple bridged that gap. I now have access to the best properties available, without the overhead of a research team and the endless hours of sitting at auction”.  -Christopher Ellington

“Its Flipping Simple and their team has helped me get numerous tremendous deals. Having purchased many rental properties through the bidding service as well as multiple houses from inventory, I am extremely thankful for both the personal service as well as the perpetually prompt help. They are the best price in the market and their service is second to none.” – Peter Morgan, Founder MVW Investments LLC

Not Just A Bidding Service.

While we do offer an incredible deal for you starting at just $575 for our trustee sale auction services, that is just the icing on the cake. We also tirelessly explore all avenues of acquiring foreclosure investment properties.  This is all to ensure that we are able to deliver the best product for you.  By using us as your preferred property wholesaler you are guaranteeing yourself more investment real estate deals and a better investment spread than any of our competitors.  Check out our diverse investment property inventory and see for yourself.  You can start your exciting bidding journey today!

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Why Trustee Sales?

There are consistently more hot deals at trustee sales, it is simple mathematics.  On the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) investors have the ability to tie up a property for 3-4 weeks while they do all of their due diligence and get their financing together.  This creates an extremely low barrier to entry and allows all real estate investors to participate.  Do you want to be amongst that crowd fighting for deals?  With trustee sales, as many as 2,000 foreclosure properties can be scheduled for sale on any one day.  There are much fewer investors that can act fast enough in order to do their due diligence and pay for the foreclosure property all within a 24 hour period.  WE CAN, AND YOU CAN TOO. Simple enough?

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