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Flipping Houses Flip Tip: So how do you choose your accent walls?

There are RULES, but who likes to follow rules? 

Successful Fix & Flips require creativity … which also means intuition and instinct.

I walk into a room and get a “feel” for where the accent wall should go …sort of like “Art”, it either feels good or it doesn’t.

But our designer Christy gave me a couple of professional pointers that have sharpened my intuition …and my eye!

So I’m going to share them with you and hopefully you have at least one “AHA” as I did with each one!

1. Choose a wall next to a window… that combo will look beautiful in your photos for your MLS listing.

2. In bedrooms anticipate which wall may be used to place the bed head first, that wall usually needs a focal point since the opposite wall is typically where the T.V. or dresser goes and doesn’t need more interest added.

3. This is my tip… the wall that first comes into view when you walk into the home makes for a great accent wall …unless it’s a hallway or a small room… which in that case, an accent wall may make the room appear smaller (that tip given to me by Luke)

For this master bedroom, I chose the wall with the closets because I thought the white plantation style doors would really “Pop” and they did next to the stunning dark accent color.

This is one of my favorite photos!

But accent walls should be fun to play with!

Don’t worry about following rules, just go with your instincts and try new ways of choosing when and where to use these walls which are a cheap and easy decorating technique that can add the “WOW” factor to any room.

Visit our House Flipping After Party page to see some of our accent walls!

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