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Flipping Houses Flip Tip: Grout…Should Be Simple Right?

Yes, a whole blog post dedicated to grout!

But you wouldn’t believe how differing grout colors can change the look of your tile.

The simple key, find a color that matches as closely to the tile as possible.  Contrasting grout colors are not fashionable anymore.

If you make the grout disappear by matching it to your tile you will be left with a cleaner more updated modern look that will help you sell your property fast!

Of course this is not always the case, there are no absolutes in design, but at least a good general rule to follow.

If you have bought a property that actually has pretty decent tile already in, replace the grout.  This should run you $200-$400 to do and it will make the tile look like it is brand new leaving you more money to impress your buyer in other areas.

Get the grout right and make your tile pop.

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