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House Flipping: How to Make your Flip Look Like a New Home

Should be simple right?

I was doing a final walk through with our designer Christy today going over one of our latest properties and I was amazed at how many simple things that my team and I had missed.

Now that’s what a final walk through is for, but our designer pointed out a few items that make the house look dated that I didn’t even consider.

When we flip a property the bottom line is that we have to convince a buyer to pay more money for a remodeled “updated” property.

Talking about getting inside the mind of a buyer is a whole other chapter, but for the purposes of this blog post let’s just say that buyers want an updated “modern feeling” house.

Now these buyers may not notice any one item that gives the house a dated look, but the overall impression will not be the same if some of these “dated” items are missed during your remodel.

Here are a few of those items that I commonly see people miss (or cut corners on):


Those old-fashioned windows with 6-8 small panels of glass, that you probably painted the frame white, date the house.

The best solution is to put brand new windows in which will give the house a very modern feel, but I would guess that this is not in most of your budgets.

Therefore you must put horizontal white faux wood blinds in. This will hide the windows and give the house a cozy and updated look… Which brings me to my next point.

Blinds You would be amazed how many people leave vertical blinds or plastic mini blinds in a remodel. They are already there and they are undamaged so keep them right?


These are terribly dating to a house and need to be replaced. White faux wood or real wood blinds are the only option in my opinion.

Popcorn Ceiling

This is a tough call because removing popcorn ceilings can get expensive.  However, there is no denying that a popcorn ceiling gives the house a dated look.

At the very least I would consider removing the popcorn from the main living areas.


A lot of older homes don’t have very well designed floor plans for letting light into a home so they already may have a little bit of a dark feel.

Therefore use the opportunity with your light fixtures to maximize the light.   Light fixtures with multiple lights and appropriate bulbs can really light up a room.

Pay close attention to bathrooms with small or no windows and whatever you do don’t install energy efficient bulbs that give off a very dim light.

Finally don’t be afraid to throw a few can lights in the kitchen if you have the opportunity. These are not very expensive and really give the kitchen an updated feel.

Switches and Receptacles…

Just change them. I know you think they might look ok, and that is if you haven’t got paint all over them during the remodel, but just change them.

The materials are less than $100 for the entire house and they are very quick and easy to change. Having new receptacles and switches (in white) throughout the house really gives a clean and fresh “new house” feel that goes a long way.

There are many more important and obvious things to do in order to avoid that “dated” feel to your flip but these are some of the most common I see that are missed everyday.

Make these few simple changes to your next Flip and it will be well on its way to looking like new.

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